The obligation to start again each day, the obsession with to get that exact gesture in a good sequence, the constant feeling, without dissimulation, of being able to go one step further, the creed of that the walked road , is just that, a road, and that in every new step, something awaits to be discovered.

I am the madman who pursues excellence, who lives for a good frame, who feels privileged to be able to do what he likes. I'm the one who writes in moleskines and cuts out shootings to paste on notebooks. The one that locates until finding the exact site. And who likes to surround himself with people better than me and learn from them.

My references: Dougal Wilson, Dante Ariola, Frederik Bond, Adam Berk or Ivan Zacharias; The narrative of Haneke, the staging of Christopher Nolan, the descriptive sense of Haruki Murakami, the poetry of Neruda, the work of Serra or the notes of Foster.

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