I was born in Barcelona in 1990. I’m a millenial by pure chance.
I’m constantly framing my daily reality. When I walk I transform people surrounding me into characters, I see light how light affects their faces, how they act. I enjoy picking imaginary lenses when I look around me, with the latest track that I’ve added to my Spotify list in the background. I see my life in a pretty much filmic way.
When I have a camera it’s like getting back that missing organ. I know how I want to shoy that reality, where do I want to make the viewer look, make him or her notice things that would have remained unnoticed.
I love comedy. It’s a hard and sometimes absurd world we live in, so I find looking at it with a good sense of humour an accurate way to survive.
Storytelling through images is my life. Always with good music in the background.