We are an audiovisual and service production company based in Barcelona and Madrid. We make advertising and creative films with a clear and different philosophy, where several premises come together: the commitment to emerging talent and teamwork, the self-determination to always offer the best production, to exploit to the limit each script, to convert the impossible ones into possible, and always look for satisfaction in every piece that we produce. We like to work close to the agency team, considering them an active partner in the development of the project.

We have been working, filming, and producing for many years, and now we finally do it under our own brand name. That, the long name that nobody can remember: The Monday Project Co. Also, in case the the tragic name was not enough, we were born on a Monday. However, we love this fateful day of the week as much as the rest of humanity, because it always marks a beginning.

We like that idea that is right now is bouncing in your head. The one that stayed in a drawer and did not get to shoot. We want to recover that idea written six months ago and fall in love with it again. Our best tools to achieve this: professionalism, teamwork, closeness and creativity. We like what we do and we want you to like it too. That’s why we put a lot of love, dedication, imagination and commitment to this healthy movie-making madness.


Àlex Rayo “I read carefully the script, light a cigarette, pick up my notebook, and get a first idea inside my head. After a few minutes I draw an abstract design of production, where I try to keep the mind clear and imagine how to produce in a creative way”

Gloria Marzábal“This job allows me to be in constant evolution and to work with very diverse people, working together to face every new project, always looking for excellence. That is my challenge, what moves me and of course, motivates me.

Each project a new team, a new opportunity to contribute with creative production ways that add value to the whole project, exceeding expectations. Taking care of the details and all of our team, those inside and those outside. Seeing how everything flows in perfect harmony.”

Gustavo Nevot“Production is my thing, I’m behind that first call, all those e-mails and the strong coffee that we’ll share on the shooting day, I like to think that I’m part of the client with a seat at The Monday Project Co. so that in communication there are no distances.“


You can write an email to Àlex Rayo, Gloria Marzábal or Gustavo Nevot


The Monday Project Co. | Madrid

C/Pizarro, 17 4º 2ª.
28004 Madrid (Spain)

Àlex T +34 656 276 181
Gloria T +34 606 962 309
Gustavo T +34 649 998 805


The Monday Project Co. | Barcelona

C/ Roger de Llúria 108, 2o 1a B.
08037 Barcelona (Spain)

Àlex T +34 656 276 181
Gloria T +34 606 962 309
Gustavo T +34 649 998 805